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at a concert: a vivid form of impressionism
(c) Cornelia Reidinger 08/2014

on the train.cornelia Reidinger 08/2014

on the train.
cornelia Reidinger 08/2014

only good comes out of the shades.myself 08/2014(c) Cornelia Reidinger

only good comes out of the shades.
myself 08/2014
(c) Cornelia Reidinger

I finally managed to take a walk around the new DC tower in Vienna today. Impressive building, lots of concrete and lots of howling wind. Must be the “chicago” part of Vienna.

(c) Cornelia Reidinger, 08/2014

I had to wait a couple of minutes for a meeting to discuss an upcoming photography project of mine at the viennese central cemetery.

The third image says: “ashes only - no garbage”…..

(c) Cornelia Reidinger

Sleep deprived on the train to salzburg.Austria 08/2014.(c) Cornelia Reidinger

Sleep deprived on the train to salzburg.
Austria 08/2014.
(c) Cornelia Reidinger

It’s time to privilege the work of journalism–and the psychic space of the people who work in the field–above providing a platform for anonymous commenters. Nor is the old “lighten up everybody!” chuckle and shrug of “It’s just the Internet!” an effective defense. The Internet is where we work, communicate, meet people, and live. Your bank isn’t any less of a bank because it exists on the Internet. Your job on the Internet isn’t less of a job. Your insults and threats aren’t any less insults and threats. The comment section is the most vivid example of the failure to see other humans on the Internet as living, breathing people, ones with ambitions and failures and favorite snack foods and jobs to do, not avatars or figments of our imagination. Until we can figure out a way around that, it’s time to leave the comments behind.


1st image: (c) Cornelia Reidinger, 2012
2nd image: (c) The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, 1968